Adrian Lee
Adrian Lee   SAG, AFTRA
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 122
Hair: Sable
Eyes: Hazel
Soprano / Belt
Film / Television
Extreme Measures TV journalist
Michael Apted,
  Sydney Prods. Ltd.
Den* co-star Greg Arce, independent
The Wagner Conspiracy* co-star Dan Gabriel, independent
The Dream* star Dan Matis, independent
The Late Show
  with David Letterman
illiterate goon caroller Worldwide Trousers, Inc
All My Children Businesswoman, recurring ABC-TV
One Life to Live Cop, recurring ABC-TV

New York Theatre / Tours / Regional
St. Rosita &
  the Francophone
Mom (lead) NY Int'l Fringe Festival / NADA
Hookers' Haven Patricia Golden (lead) American Theatre of Actors
Henry IV, Part I Mistress Quickley Image Theatre, dir: Paul Austin
With Love, Georgia Georgia O'Keeffe
(1-woman show)
AmArts - Western tour
Faith Journey
  (gospel review)
Joan (featured) Japan tour
Sweeney Todd The Beggar Woman Hudson County Theater
Little Mary Sunshine Maude Harlequin Theater
Belles* Aneece StoneGate Artists' Ensemble

Commercials & Industrials     List available upon request
Acting William Esper Studio, Gately-Poole Studio, Paul Austin's Image Theatre
Commercials Joan See, Ruth Nerkin; Improvisation: John Stinson
Voice Speech: Colleen Wallnau; Vocal: Rosemary Loar, David Brunetti
Bodywork Movement: Loyd Williamson; Alexander technique: Claire Creese, Greg Seel

Languages French, Italian, Japanese  
Accents Various Southern, Queens, French, German, Italian, Slavic, Japanese
Bellydancer (sword), Folk dance (Greek), Ballroom, Foil fencing, Guitar

* Tape available on request