Adrian Lee
Smooth. Friendly. Buttery. Golden. Adrian's voice warms up any commercial copy, and the audience warms up to the message. Adrian understands the need to portray ideas and emotions in a designated amount of time. Her versatile range can suit markets from baby boomers to Gen-Xers with feminine appeal that feels right.

Please request Adrian's demo reel to check out samples from Fruit of the Loom, Oil of Olay, TJ Maxx, and more.

Authoritative. Instructive. Firm. Knowledgeable. Adrian's voice guides the listener through a Narrative or Industrial message, holding the interest and making the most technical copy easier to understand. With extensive technology experience, Adrian reads the most difficult text with ease, and always delivers the right vocal attitude for the job.

Please request Adrian's demo reel to hear samples from Norththrop,, Ortho Pharmaceuticals, and more.